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Issuing Permits / Approving Licenses: In its capacity as the government entity in charge of issuing permits and licenses related to the tourism sector in the emirate, the SCTDA issued the following in 2019: Permits for Desert Tour Vehicles: Desert tourism, which features an exploration of the desert, desert wildlife and nature and sand dunes, is one of the most popular activities among tourists in the emirate. To achieve the highest degree of security, safety and sustainability of the economic and environmental aspects of business, the SCTDA has set several rules and controls to be applied whilst exploring the emirate’s desert areas. To ensure the reliability of tours, the SCTDA undertakes the issuance of permits and approvals needed for companies that wish to organize tours using 4x4 cars in the desert areas of the emirate. Targets of the permits for desert tour vehicles initiative: Barring and controlling 4x4 vehicles that do not carry permits from entering desert areas. - Limiting the use of streets in residential areas as shortcuts. - Banning the use of unlicensed vehicles for carrying passengers ensuring safety.   67 67 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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