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 an emphasis on innovation and sustainability in the tourism sector. Beginners Tour Guide Training Tour guides play a pivotal role in planning and implementing all travels and tours in tourism attraction sites; they are considered ambassadors to this sector. Therefore, it is essential that they possess all necessary expertise and skills that enable them to undertake tours and leave positive impressions on tourism sites. In order to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction and happiness among tourists, the SCTDA seeks to provide and transfer knowledge and skills to tour guides to strengthen Sharjah’s overall competitive edge towards sustainable tourism development accomplishments. The SCTDA licensing is presented in the tour guide manuals to make sure that tour guides are well equipped with information and skills related to the tourism sector. Advanced Tour Guide Training The advanced tour guide program covers participants who hold tour guide licenses from other emirates in the UAE. This training program targets a more advanced understanding of Sharjah’s history and heritage, thus reinforcing the tourism status of the emirate. The program is a great platform for all holders of tour guide licenses in the UAE to participate in marketing and promoting the emirate’s tourism destinations, in addition to enhancing their skills and the information relevant to the tourism sector. Women Empowerment Program This program falls under tourism community education but it has been included under the Women Empowerment Program as all trainees received the SCTDA’s formal tour guide license. The SCTDA made a strong presence on social media platforms which addresses education and empowerment within Sharjah. Marhabtain program also focuses on the current and future social needs of various groups through an array of initiatives in the hospitality and tourism sectors, which aim to educate and develop skills related to hospitality and tourism methods in the UAE. AlJawhara program was introduced to empower female tour guides. Gender equality is receiving the attention of many organizations, governments and international bodies, and it is part of the United Nations’ Sustainable  69 69 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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