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 66     Issuing Permits / Approving Licenses: 2reliminary Approvals to license a new hotel / Licenses of Amenities Issuing preliminary approvals for the construction of hotels (or hotel apartments) and relevant services and facilities, subject to compliance with the specific standards in Sharjah Preliminary Approvals for Hotel License Renewal Issuing preliminary approvals to renew hotel licenses 14 Other Preliminary Approvals Decisions Change of trademark name, business activity Add, exit or join a penalties partner, obtain trademark name, amend plan (current hotel, construction of new hotel or hotel apartments), incorporate business activity, revoke license 55 Preliminary Agreement for Travel Agency License Issue preliminary agreements to license travel agencies which organize tours to tourism sites within and outside the emirate.       P 146 Permits for Desert Tour Vehicles Issuing permits for desert tour vehicles which allow tourists to enjoy desert events under strict controls for licensed agencies 98              Chapter 2: Performance Indicators 

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