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 Quality Assurance and Performance Management Services 2019: 15 Site visits to hotel facilities The SCTDA monitors tourism activities regularly through various advanced technologies and tools, in order to ensure the quality and sustainability of services provided to tourists. 13 509 Inspection The SCTDA assures its service quality through the implementation of applicable classification standards and the undertaking of regular inspections and quality checks in line with the specific schedule. To report on guest experience, the SCTDA contracts an international expert to study, measure and analyze guest experience through global booking websites. In addition, the SCTDA receives monthly reports to assess the situation and take necessary steps for improvement. 152 Field visit to inspect off-road desert vehicles in order to ensure the safety of tourists and travel agencies’ compliance with safety and quality regulations. Periodic meetings The SCTDA meets regularly with the higher management of hotels and hotel apartment owners in the emirate to follow up on the latest updates and discuss any activities, interests or suggestions related to hotels. 2 65 65 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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