Page 74 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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 74  D. Innovative Services In a world teeming with new technological innovations day by day, the SCTDA seeks to achieve its goals by employing and providing innovative products and services to tourists and guests. Innovation is one of the main elements of empowerment in Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021, and also a key pillar of UAE Vision 2021. The SCTDA sheds light on the future tourism roadmap for Sharjah, which raises the level of comfort for tourists, and provides more effective communication methods, which will help them obtain all the necessary information and data and a virtual experience to plan their trips in the emirate. Hotel Statistics System with Intelligence Reports A value-driven interactive system dedicated for hotel statistics and data, which allows decision makers at hotels to easily access the latest statistics and guest data in the live feed system. This means that tourism offers can be instantly modified, making Sharjah’s tourism offers more flexible and efficient. This statistical tool for business intelligence reports provides instant reports on hotel and occupancy statistics, in addition to mutual or detailed access through a platform that allows users to obtain all statistics based on one influential factor or more.  Chapter 2: Performance Indicators 

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