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Virtual Tour Guide (Chatbot) Sharjah receives millions of visitors from around the world with many requirements. The Virtual Tour Guide service was developed to meet the requirements of visitors and answer their questions, either by voice or written messages. This service is available around the clock in five international languages: Arabic, English, German, Russian and Chinese. All you need to do is ask your guide to help you in planning, booking and exploring the attractions and the wonderful events in Sharjah: From accommodation to restaurants, and many more! Vehicle permit issuance system The Desert Tour Vehicle Permit Issuance System ensures that all vehicles used in desert activities meet all requirements related to environment, quality, security and safety. In line with the launch of the comprehensive portal for all of the SCTDA’s services, the new system for the desert tour vehicle permits is one of the first e-services which allow companies to register, pay fees and print permits quickly. Hotel Permits and Classification System The hospitality sector is a key strategic partner for the tourism industry in Sharjah. The permits system allows hotels to complete all permit services alongside the ability to track transactions, pay fees and print necessary files through one portal.     75 75 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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