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 70   Development Goals. Governmental and non- governmental organizations such as NAMA are exerting massive efforts to enhance the participation of entire components of the community in initiatives that reinforce women’s role and advancement in the society. In line with this global trend, the SCTDA introduced the Women Empowerment Program for tour guides in Sharjah and empowerment among female Emirati guides. The initiative also seeks to bridge the gap in women’s employment rate in tourism, particularly as tour guides. By redesigning the tourism orientation program, the SCTDA will target female UAE fresh graduates so that it covers women empowerment, leadership skills and other essential fields as needed. It is noteworthy that the program aims not only to increase the number of female UAE guides, but also to increase the number of qualified and employed female UAE guides in Sharjah. As such, the projects include the Career Path Plan section which provides career training and employment opportunities for students who pass the program successfully. 3. Tourism Community Education training programs These programs focus on young university students Wojhati 2019 The Professional and Tourism Training Department organized several Wojhati (My Destination) trips for the American University of Sharjah and Skyline University 3 Hayakom Winter Camps 457 Total Trainees 18 Total number Wojhati trips          College and for youth (Children Center, Sajaya and Sharjah Youth) to highlight many of the essential destinations in Sharjah. These trips were organized on a monthly basis (or more if required), and the average trip duration was 5 hours. Hayakom Advanced Level Program In 2019, during the Hayakom Advanced Level Program, 10 young people took part in the 5-day camping program. The trainees managed to apply the expertise and information acquired in previous camps, and also gained new expertise and skills in hospitality management and tourism destinations. Hayakom Winter Camps The Professional and Tourism Training Department organized two separate camps for young males and Chapter 2: Performance Indicators 

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