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  B- Festivals & Events The emirate of Sharjah is known for hosting a number of regional and international festivals and events around the year, which is a priority for the SCTDA as it aims to attract larger numbers of tourists. These festivals vary between historical and traditional as well as high-end and modern. The SCTDA continuously seeks to expand and promote the annual events calendar in order to maximize exposure and opportunities for success. This is in addition to keeping up with global events that can be hosted in the emirate without compromising the cultural and social nature of Sharjah. In addition to being the leading inspiration for meaningful global dialog, Sharjah is a major host of regional and international sports events, and a main destination for investors in restaurants, arts, cultural events, conferences, exhibitions and many more. For example, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit (WEEGS) is held in Sharjah every two years to support constructive conversations in the face of emergency challenges, and to urge leaders and partners to commit to enhancing the role of women in all countries. While most key events have specialized websites, the events calendar in Sharjah is posted on the internet through this central website:  51 51 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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