Page 50 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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 50 Markets saw an increase in the number of bookings, in addition to the synchronized value for tourists incoming from India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE (domestic). The Saudi market took the lead wherein there was an increase in the total value of flight bookings to Sharjah International Airport and hotel bookings in Sharjah. In GCC countries as well as India and the UK, there was an increase in the Sharjah tourism content and pages on TripAdvisor. In a promotional campaign consisting of five videos in India, access figures exceeded 7.5 million impressions and the number of interactions surpassed 500 thousand posts.  Domestic Marketing: The SCTDA managed to enhance its database of potential eligible customers from four different markets, thanks to the immense efforts exerted in the various activities and campaigns. The SCTDA added more than 12,000 contacts. Once these contacts were gathered, they were then indexed in accordance with the GDPR regulations. In 2019, the SCTDA sent out several letters which support tourism content, and released more than twelve parts of blog content. In recognition of its efforts, the content was published by well-known content publishers such as Timeout and Lonely Planet. The SCTDA’s message opening rate reached an impressive 39%, which is higher than the general average for the tourism industry. In the same context, more than 125,000 views have been reported for the pages about Sharjah tourism such as F1H20 and the blog of the Sharjah International Book Fair. Chapter 2: Performance Indicators 

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