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  81 81 important economic and cultural role in the country, as it is the third largest of the seven emirates in terms of geographical area and local economy, and includes the largest number of nature reserves in the country. The SCTDA invests in the great geographical diversity in Sharjah in developing tourism in terms of the number of tourists and the quality of services provided, in addition to attracting investors. The Emirate of Sharjah is working on developing vital tourism development projects in the cities of the East Coast and the Central Region mainly to enhance the travel and adventure tourism experience. Khorfakkan is the largest of these cities, followed by Kalba, which is famous for its historic castles, and Dibba Al Hisn, which is a distinguished fishing port in the Eastern Region. Moving to the central region, Al Dhaid is the green oasis and the farmland for vegetables and fruits. Al Badayer attracts lovers of desert activities and 4x4s vehicles, with its sprawling deserts and dazzling sand dunes. In line with the overall strategy of the UAE, Sharjah’s strategy for economic diversification has made significant gains for the country. In addition to the informed investment in the field of tourism and the already booming business, work has been carried out to develop the infrastructure and public facilities to compete with the highest international standards. Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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