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The SCTDA developed the Visit Sharjah website, which is an innovative product available for tourists around the world, in five languages (Arabic, English, German, Chinese and Russian). It has been ranked the best government website in the UAE by the 6th Sharjah Government Communication Award. The website features rich and extensive information on the tourism sector in Sharjah. It enables tourists to safely and seamlessly plan their visits and tours in the emirate. Moreover, the website features a list of the key tourism sites in Sharjah and the activities and events available for tourists and visitors alike. Additionally, the website provides information on the activities that tourists can experience at the emirate’s tourism sites. Examples include SUV tours in the Sharjah desert, off-road trips, and underwater adventures in the Ocean. The website provides detailed travel guidance to tourists accompanied by advice related to flight and hotel bookings, obtaining visas, emergency numbers, exchange rates, hotels and accommodation, low-cost transport options, etc. Other websites related to the main events in Sharjah play a vital role in disseminating tourism information and news, directly contributing to the flourishing of the tourism sector in Sharjah. winners-2019.aspx   47 47 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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