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2- Advertisements and Publications: The SCTDA highlights the unique tourism potential in Sharjah through the use of the various advertisements and publications that are issued manually in the form of creatively designed booklets, flyers, media, guides and maps. Such publications play a major role in the marketing and promotion of Sharjah by the SCTDA. Such publications are disseminated through multiple channels including online newsletters and websites, in addition to the distribution of print copies in major tourism locations such as hotels and residences in Sharjah, restaurants, entertainment areas, ports, Sharjah International Airport, shopping malls, tourism sites and at major events. The SCTDA has also launched three new publications and doubled its advertising efforts through the following:  3 Publications 510 Designs 508 Advertising campaigns 871 Fairs 2100 Events   Total 3,993  45 45 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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