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Media Platforms: Bulletins and news articles: The SCTDA strives to create inspirational messages and images for the emirate of Sharjah, in addition to the continuous efforts to gather information that highlights Sharjah’s potential to become a leading international tourism destination. For this purpose, the SCTDA utilizes all media outlets including online newsletters, social media, press releases, interviews, 1- Bulletins and news articles: The SCTDA in 2019 managed to cement its position in the media outlets concerned with the tourism sector locally and internationally. The SCTDA enjoyed widespread coverage in a large number of newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television channels across the world, which demonstrates the volume of influence and interaction enjoyed by the SCTDA across various media platforms. The estimated value of Sharjah’s gross media coverage approximated AED 798.1 Million in local and Arab media, whereas the gross international value reached advertisements, official reports, magazines and newspapers. In addition to interviews about the tourism sector, Sharjah managed to receive coverage and mentions about its tourism sector in more than 9,082 local, regional and international newspapers in dozens of countries around the world. AED 77.8 Million Accordingly, tourism in Sharjah received excellent media coverage in 2019 in four international languages (Arabic, English, Russian and Chinese), targeting over 28 countries (or tourism markets). Estimated figures and statistics in media coverage to measure the frequency and dissemination of news relating to tourism in Sharjah: Locally and in the Arab world: In radio and television: 73 media outlets  43 43 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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