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Sharjah hospitality sector growth in 2019: The hospitality sector is extremely important and vital for the emirate’s growth and the sustainability of its resources. Given the significant contribution to the local economy in Sharjah, the hospitality sector is a cornerstone of the emirate’s successful implementation of its strategy for achieving economic diversification. In this context, the hospitality sector contributed nearly AED 573 million in 2019. This adds up to the economic growth in many sectors during the past few years. The massive increase in the number of tourists from around the world led to an increase in tourism revenues. In 2019, the emirate hosted 1.79 million guests. For example, the number of visitors incoming from Asia rose by 6 percent. As in terms of countries, Russia tops the source market for the UAE in 2019, as over 350 thousand Russians explored the emirate. Tourists from Oman, China, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries including the 20 biggest source markets continued to support the hospitality sector in the emirate. Tourism Contribution in Economy Tourism Satellite Account Numbers 2015 Total Contribution (GDP) 9          Total Contribution 8.8%        Direct Contribution (GDP) 3.8        Direct Contribution % 3.7%  According to the latest statistics approved by Ministry of Economy - UAE (All figures are in AED Billions Currency) Total No. of visitors in 2019: 7.7 Millions of visitors   Support from hospitality sector for Sharjah 1,79Million guests AED Million 573    87 87 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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