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Sharjah Summer Festival 2019: The Sharjah Summer Festival was launched in 2017 under the auspices of the SCTDA. The festival features two months of fun and surprises for all ages through fantastic events and activities alongside amazing shopping offers. During the 2019 edition which was held from 16 June to 16 August at Expo Centre Sharjah, the SCTDA highlighted the accomplishments and benefits yielded by the cooperation and collaboration between the government and the private sector. The SCTDA managed to successfully promote the emirate’s services and products, thus attracting a large number of visitors from around the world of various ages. Number of visitors: 17,120 Number of shows: 24 Number of games: 25 Number of restaurants: 11 To illustrate, the SCTDA organized several workshops aiming at raising the level of collaboration and comprehensive shows at festivals. Since the beginning of 2019, several beach events, summer and entertainment camps, cultural shows and educational workshops have been held. As a result, many distinctive partnerships between the public and the private sectors were forged. There was a surge in the participation of companies and outlets such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts and entertainment facilities. The Sharjah Summer website had its share of these positive outcomes in terms of improving its features and the content available to visitors, leading to a massive increase in the number of users who gained access to amazing shopping offers and information on all events during Sharjah Summer Festival 2019. The Sharjah Summer Festival’s website has updated its features and content, allowing visitors to move easily within the system as they browse shopping deals, shows and exciting events at the festival. Summer and entertainment camps, cultural shows and educational workshops saw a large increase in visitor numbers. Shopping malls and restaurants saw a similar increase.  57 57 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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