Page 34 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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  34 Chapter 2: Performance Indicators External Promotion Campaigns: Overseas promotional campaigns are among the tasks undertaken by the SCTDA, due to the significant role of such campaigns in showcasing the prominent position of Sharjah’s tourism at the global scale and encouraging tourists to visit the emirate and get to know its tourism sites. As usual, the SCTDA organized a number of promotional campaigns in 2019, concentrating on the major source markets in line with working to create new opportunities and attract new markets. In addition to focusing on the role of media in attracting tourism attention and increasing the number of tourists, the SCTDA further cemented its collaboration with strategic partners to enhance the standard of quality and innovation in the tourism value chain. Participation in international exhibitions and promotional tours: Sharjah has a strong presence in international exhibitions and promotional tours, as the SCTDA continuously seeks to utilize the unique expertise of its promotional team to present the emirate in a manner that has an enduring effect on the minds of tourists, thus encouraging them to visit and explore the wonders that Sharjah enjoys. In 2019, the SCTDA participated in eight major global tourism events. Meetings were held with tourism specialists and visitors at the prestigious booths allocated for Sharjah at the tourism events with a total area of 1,754.5 square meters. 

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