Page 30 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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 Chapter 2: Performance Indicators 30 Sealing new partnerships for the overall development of the tourism sector. Providing direct communication channels with strategic partners, and ensuring the detailed flow of information to them on a permanent basis. Organizing and hosting remarkable shows and activities that attract target audiences who participate in international events, exhibitions and conferences. Highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of the emirate's tourism products. External Promotion Initiatives: Transforming Sharjah into a major destination for travel companies in their future plans. Active and real communication with tourism authorities in target markets through the provision of advertising and promotional materials about annual events and exhibitions, in order to be able to acquaint the public with necessary information. Underlining the tourism capabilities of the emirate in addition to its current projects, and communicating them in a language that corresponds with the expectations of the target audience. Creating an effective presence in the major tourism markets through representative offices. Creation of innovative programs to enrich tourism exchange. 

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