Page 92 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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 92  23,677 Visitors from Khorfakkan Seaport Marine Tourism According to reports, marine tourism continues to register high growth rates as one of the fastest growing tourism segments. The number of passengers who cruise the seas is expected to reach 30 million in 2020, an increase of about 6% compared to 28.2 million in 2019. And based on the Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021, which aims to attract 10 million visitors annually by 2021, marine tourism attracts thousands of visitors annually to the emirate, and this contributes to achieving very 10Tours positive outcomes for the destination cities and the eastern coast in particular. According to figures, more than 23,677 visitors and 10 cruise tours were reported in 2018-2019 from Khorfakkan Seaport. Out of five international marine lines, the seaport currently enjoys partnerships with eight international marine lines, an increase of 6% compared with the prior year. In line with the vision of the Sharjah Government to improve the cruise terminal to provide a new Chapter 3: Tourism Sector in the Emirate of Sharjah 

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