Page 13 - Shj Tourism Annual Report 2019 English
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    Chapter 1: This section sheds light on the SCTDA, familiarizing readers with the Authority’s vision and comprehensive goals, which will further enrich its course for the year 2019 and beyond. Chapter 2: This section showcases a number of the SCTDA’s activities and accomplishments in 2019, which are categorized into five main pillars: Marketing, Events and Festivals, Organization and Development, Innovation and Social Responsibility which enables the SCTDA to fulfill its social contribution. Chapter 3: This section elaborates on Sharjah’s role in achieving the UAE’s overall vision, describing the global and Emirati tourism sectors in addition to an outline on the emirate’s tourism sectors, namely: Marine tourism, Ecological and Sustainable tourism, Academic tourism, and Medical tourism. Chapter 4: This section outlines the Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021 and provides an overview on the future outlooks associated with Sharjah’s continuous aspiration towards exceptional growth.                13 13 Annual Report - 2019 The Story of a Year 

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